Thursday, 5 May 2011

SSRS 2008 Paging shows Question mark (?)

Yes I got confused as well as to what this suddenly a new thing in SSRS 2008 and how to solve it, I even thought its a bug, but guess what, its a feature Microsoft has introduced question mark is there because report did not render all the pages and only current page worth of records were processed, it is called On Demand Report Processing.

Yes I do understand the potential of massive performance gains but lets be honest whats the point of showing Page 1 of 2? its not really helpful.

Here we go, you will have to add a little piece of code in your report, so add a textbox in your header or footer containing =Globals!TotalPages, please note that its only allowed in the header or footer, and then you'll see that report will show current number of pages.


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