Thursday, 17 July 2014

Verify that OAuth is configured correctly for the Machine Translation Service application proxy in SharePoint 2013

So I have just installed SharePoint 2013 SP1 and the Health Analyzer showed up this error.

Resolution: Ensure that every Web application with a Machine Translation Service application proxy has a connection to a User Profile service application and an App Management service application, and is in claims-based authentication mode.

  • Verify that the user account that is performing this procedure is a member of the Farm Administrators group.
  • On the Central Administration website, click Application Management.
  • On the Application Management page, in the Service Applications section, click Configure service application associations.
  • In the Application Proxy Group column, click the proxy group for the Web application or service application that you want to configure. Usually it is the default Application Proxy Group.
  • Select the User Profile Service Application Proxy check box and the App Management Service Application Proxy check box.
  • Go back to the Central Administration Home page. In the Application Management section, click Manage web applications.
  • Click the Web application you want to configure, and then click the Authentication Providers button on the ribbon.
  • Ensure that the Membership Provider Name for the Default zone is Claims Based Authentication. If not, you have to migrate the Web applications from classic mode to claims-based authentication. For more information, see Migrate from classic-mode to claims-based authentication in SharePoint 2013.

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