Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Full and Incremental Content Deployment in SharePoint 2010

While working with content deployment I came to know that we can do the full and incremental deployment but I was unable to find the option to do the same through central administration in SharePoint 2010. I came to know there was an option to do the same in central admin of SharePoint 2007.

Then I searched and got hold of an old screen from 2007 where I saw the option to do the same as shown below.The same when I did from the central admin of SharePoint 2010 I did not find any option.

SharePoint 2007 Content Deployment

SharePoint 2010 Content Deployment

These option screen shown above are available when u “create a new Job” as show in the screen below

So how do we create a specific Job of type Incremental or Full? After doing surfing I found out that it can be done using PowerShell. Yes we can create Jobs with using PowerShell rather than the step show in figure 2(Above). Note this script should be run after you have already created the content deployment Path as in my case “Local Deploy”.

New-SPContentDeploymentJob -Name " Local Deploy - Incremental" -SPContentDeploymentPath
"Local Deploy" -IncrementalEnabled:$true

Now if we create a job through UI in central admin by default it will create Incremental Only. Yes and how do we find this out?

To do that, run Get-SPContentDeploymentJob "Local Deploy - Incremental". You should notice the following line in your output:

So how do we create a Job with “Full Content Deployment”

New-SPContentDeploymentJob -Name " Local Deploy - Full" -SPContentDeploymentPath
"Local Deploy" -IncrementalEnabled:$false

Reference Take by : http://sharepointlearningcurve.blogspot.sg/2010/05/sp2010-content-deployment-jobs-missing.html 

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